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Love on a Hanger


We support charities around the world which help children.


Our latest charity (2021 - 2024) is Springboard Chess Academy in Durban, South Africa.


In previous years we have supported: 

- Domino Foundation (Durban, South Africa)

- Awaited Foundation (Budapest, Hungary)

- Wesley Mav school (Budapest, Hungary)


Our shop is situated at Lift International Church in Baar and is open on Wednesday (9am - 12pm) and Friday (11.30am - 2pm).


We also have Love on a Little Hanger which has children's clothing - from newborn to 5 years of age.


Please read this article about the inspiration behind Love on a Hanger. 


Also, please connect with us on Facebook and 


Any ladies who would like more information can contact Jenni or Marile.

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