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Gospel Adventures (Missions)

People are our mission and Jesus is our passion.

Jesus commands all Christians to share the Gospel, the message of His death and resurrection that conquered the penalty and power of sin. (Matthew 28:19-20 NIV)

We have been resourcing churches and ministries world-wide and have focused on works in Armenia, India, Nepal, Madagascar and ministries in South Africa.


Our vision for the nations comes from a desire to build into communities which God is placing into our hearts and to bless ministries which God puts in our way. Some of these churches and ministries have a short term focus and others long term as we build with them sustainable ministries that will reach out to others through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our desire is to preach the Gospel to all nations and peoples and to reach out effectively with the means that God has given us to uplift the poor and to share the wonderful love of Jesus with them through the Gospel.


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