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Ministries where you can serve

Feel like you want to be part of a ministry? Can you help us with serving coffee after the service? Have a gift for music and play an instrument? Love to greet people and make them feel welcome?


There are many areas of Church life where your contribution would make a big difference:-



Would you like to join the team who share the latest notices with the congregation on Sunday mornings ? 


Children's Ministry

Do you have a gift for teaching young children about Jesus? Please let us know.


People love to chat over coffee after the service. This is one of the best ways for newcomers to meet people and get to know what is happening at the Church. Help us by joining the team.

Communion preparation

Can you help us once a month to prepare the Communion elements before the service on Sunday morning?


If you have a child in Creche please consider volunteering as a helper as this will bless other Mums and enable them to sit in the service.

Love on a Hanger

We need volunteers to help us sort through clothes which have been donated and to keep the shop well stocked.

Meals Ministry

If you would like to bless people in the church or in the wider community by preparing an occasional meal please let us know.

Open Up & Lock Up

Open Up involves placing the flags and welcome board outside, switching on lights & TVs in the Church rooms and various other checks to ensure we are ready to welcome people into Lift Church for the service. Lock Up is essentially the reverse of Open Up - making sure the Church is returned back to normal after the service. We are always looking for volunteers !

Projection/Livestream & Sound

On Sunday mornings we have a volunteer who manages the on-screen Projection together with the Livestream and another who manages the Sound. If you would like to join the technical team please let us know.


We normally have volunteers stationed at the front door, auditorium door and Welcome Desk so we can help newcomers feel welcome and answer any questions they have. Please join us !

Worship team

If you play an instrument or have a gift for singing we would love to know.

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